Hi, I'm Kristyn.


Kristyn Neal is a corporate drop-out turned entrepreneur and the founder of Dream In Color Marketing. With a passion for empowering small businesses, she specializes in impacting existing brands, executing effective marketing strategies, and optimizing operations. As a former marketing lecturer at Central Connecticut State University, Kristyn discovered her true calling is working directly with small business owners. 

Kristyn's journey took an unexpected turn after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis. It was a challenging time, but today she is cancer-free and ready to lend a helping hand and share her wealth of knowledge.

She understands the unique struggles and time constraints that entrepreneurs face, and is on a mission to ignite success for small business owners and entrepreneurs, to grow their businesses by saving time and leveraging marketing experience through an online course, marketing consulting, creative services

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MBA and BS in Marketing

My Story

I’ve been working in marketing since I was a teenager living at home with entrepreneurial parents. Growing up, my father owned an electronic distributor company and my mother was a hairdresser and artist. At a young age, I found myself interested in making my own money while working on my own schedule.

I graduated with a BS in Marketing from the University of Hartford and shortly after, completed an MBA from Central Connecticut State University. After a job offer I couldn’t refuse, I ended up working in good old corporate America first in retail buying, then marketing and sales for about ten years. Despite the stable career path, I always found myself yearning for the freedom and energy I experienced around individuals and creatives carving their own way out of the fold.

Why I Do It

In 2018 I started teaching marketing at Connecticut State University which allowed me to stay on top of changes in marketing and develop my skills.


I liked teaching because of the passion and excitement of my college-age students – but I found even more fulfillment working with business owners because I was making a personal impact on their lives.


I launched Dream in Color in 2019 as a full-service marketing agency, pivoted during Covid, and today I focus on coaching and supporting my clients with things like social media and marketing strategy, email marketing and content creation.


If you’re ready to grow your business, book a call with me and let’s see if we’re a good fit. 

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Dream In Color Marketing is a strategy and content marketing firm providing marketing support, services, and value to small business owners and entrepreneurs.